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Build robust, reliable integrations using Atlas Connex.

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Integration made easier

Use custom or prebuilt connectors and user-defined Python filter/transformer snippets to quickly build integrations.

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Single pane of glass management

See the health of your data flows, detailed logs, and insights about your integrations in the Dashboard.

Data transformation and filtering

Design, test, and deploy custom filters/transformers in the Console using the power of Python and built-in utility classes to adapt the data to your needs.

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Worry-free data flows

Create fire-and-forget data flows with custom destination throttling, on-demand pausing, automatic retry, and point-of-failure alerts.

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Intuitive route configuration

Build routes that represent the data flow you need and quickly understand event flow in the graph-based route editor.

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Details when you need them, summaries when you don't

Access overviews, step-by-step detailed logs, timing, delivery delays, and failure codes for each event as it is routed through the platform. Search, filter, and export these logs for debugging and analysis.

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